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Step 1

Pay Ads Marketing

Staff start the Pay Ads (Fathi)

Step 3

Fill in The Form

People from website will fill in the form to fill in details, choose the package, and choose the Zoom Business Preview

Step 5

Create WhatsApp Group & Share Zoom Business Preview Link

Create WhatsApp group into 4 sessions (A/B/C/D) and Invite those who fill in the form. Share Zoom Business Preview link according to their session

Step 7

Closing Business Partner

Do the closing from Zoom/WhatsApp Group for those who wants to join Tishas Business Partner

Step 2

Visit Website usahawantishas.com

People from Pay Ads will visit and view the website

Step 4

Phone Call by Staff

Staff will call those who fill in the form to confirm attendance and inform about WhatsApp invitation (Nasreen & Ira)

Step 6

Attend Zoom Business Preview Meeting

People that fill in the form will attend Zoom Business Preview according to their session (A/B/C/D) using the link shared in WhatsApp Group

Step 8

Transfer to Business Partner Group

Transfer confirmed Business Partner into Tishas Business Partner WhatsApp Group